07 April 2015

Detect Wi-Fi password using your phone! top 5 applications

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There are thousands of companies around the world that provide free Internet access, you can use these networks, especially in the travel, without the need for using a 3 g or more. There are also shops, caf├ęs, schools and others. So, to help you see this password WiFi networks, we have selected for you the best five apps in the Android system that you can use to find password WiFi for millions of places around the world.

1. Mandic Magi

Mandic magic is a free app for Android which offers you the possibility to discover thousands of Wi-Fi password in shops, cafes and businesses all over the world. Be shared and share passwords by users of the application, you can save your maps to access the passwords even when there is no Internet in your phone! Of course, you can learn more about this application by clicking here.

2.WiFi Map Pro

Is applications that identified previously in the professional code, and is a free application that offers you an easy way to discover thousands of Wi-Fi passwords for restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, and more. And the same strategy as earlier it relies on users to know and share passwords. You can learn more about him in this article.

3.Free Zone

Another application for the Android system, which you can use to find the password to millions of Wi-Fi spots all over the world. You can download passwords for access in the absence of an Internet connection on your computer.

4. WiFi

Is an application that allows you an easy way to discover and find out password for over 12 million points and WiFi all over the world. All passwords are shared by users and you can also see and watch sites passwords that are near you.

5. WiFi Finder

We finally to the last application is an application similar to that mentioned above, you can also discover the password to millions of Wi-Fi networks around the world, and you can also save passwords to access it after and select WiFi networks General near you.

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