14 April 2015

How To Un-root your any Android?

Well, now many people like to root their Android smartphones because it allows them to easily customize their Android smartphones. If you have a rooted android phone and want to unroot it, then you're at the right place. Here I gonna show you simple methods to unroot any rooted android smartphone However, after some time, you will feel frustrating and annoying when you don’t receive any kind of updates and your Android smartphone’s warranty will also be influenced or will be gone completely. For those of you wondering how to “unroot” any rooted Android smartphone or tablet, did you know that you can do that easily with 1-click using following methode.
So, if you want to revert back your Android phone to its original state then don’t worry because I have created this tutorial in which I will teach you that how you can easily unroot Android devices. You might be thinking that unrooting your Android phone will also be as difficult as rooting your phone but believe me it is pretty much easy, simple and safe also. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with our tutorial.

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Here I am going to use OTA RootKeeper app to convert my rooted device into unrooted device 

 Description of this OTA RootKeeper :

Free tool trying to protect root across manufacturer's OTA updates.
Also serves as temporary un-root Distributed as free of charge - no warranty. Open Source license: WTFPL.This application makes a backup or a protected backup of your device's root.
This device must already be rooted: THT OTA RootKeeper Newr doesn't have the ability to root devices.If several conditions are matched, THT OTA RootKeeper New OTA RootKeeper will make root survive OTAs and... pretty much well anything :) − except /system partition formatting.

Requirement of this app:
- /system partition as Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4
- Upgrades not formatting or overwriting completely the /system partition.

Typical systems where its perfectly effective:
- Nexus S
- Galaxy Nexus
- Every Honeycomb tablet
Typical system where the protection won't work:
- HTC Desire
- Samsung Galax

trick to convert rooted device into  Unroot Android Devices Easily

use bellow step by step procedure to unrooted your android device. 

step:1) First of all, you download OTA RootKeeper app 

step:2) Now, tap on Install button to download and install the app on your Android phone. Make sure that your phone has enough memory to install this app and if it doesn’t then try cleaning up some space on your phone.

  step:3)   After the app is installed successfully on your phone then tap on the Open button to use the app on your Android phone.

   step:4)  Now, tap on Temp un-root (Keeps Backup) button. Now, your Android phone is unrooted but temporarily. So, if you want to unroot it completely then tap on the Delete su backup button to revert back your Android phone to its original state.

That’s it! You are done! Now, you have successfully unrooted your Android phone completely.

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