24 March 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Goes on Sale as Surface Pro 4 Rumors Heat Up

Save up to $150 on Surface Pro 3 

Microsoft has been wheeling and dealing its Surface Pro 3 tablets at reduced prices recently, and you have to wonder why the company doesn't just go ahead and permanently lower the cost. Regardless, Surface Pro 3 tablets are again on sale with savings of up to $150 off retail. The timing of the sale comes as reports of the Surface Pro 4 being an iPad Pro killer start to emerge.

First let's talk about the Surface 3 Pro pricing. The entry level model is the only one that isn't being offered up at a discount -- it's still priced at $799 for a Core i3 4020Y processor and 64 GB of storage. Here's how the rest shake out:

Surface Pro 3 w/ Core i5 4300U (1.9GHz to 2.9GHz) and 128GB SSD: $899, down from $999 (save $100)
Surface Pro 3 w/ Core i5 4300U (1.9GHz to 2.9GHz) and 256GB SSD: $1,149, down from $1,299 (save $150)
Surface Pro 3 w/ Core i7 4650U (1.7GHz to 3.3GHz) and 256GB SSD: $1,399, down from $1,549 (save $150)
Surface Pro 3 2/ Core i7 4650U (1.7Ghz to 3.3GHz ) and 512GB SSD: $1,799, down from $1,949 (save $150)
Microsoft is also offering a free sleeve valued at $40 with the purchase of a Surface Pro 3. There are 14 different designs to choose from. And for an additional $130, you can add a Surface Pro Type Cover.

You'll find the Surface Pro 3 deals at the Microsoft Store.

Surface Pro 4 Rumor
As to the Surface Pro 4, The Fuse Joplin claims there are multiple rumors suggesting the tablet will launch in July. Citing the various rumors, TFJ says there will be two versions -- one with a 1.1GHz dual-core processor and one with a 2.4GHz CPU, both of which are mobile Intel chips.

There are also rumors saying the two versions will feature different sized displays, one with a 12-inch panel and the other with a 14-inch display. Interestingly, both are said to run at 2160x1440, so the screen real estate will effectively be the same, assuming the information is accurate.

It's said the Surface Pro 4 will have a better webcam than the 480p one found on the new Macbook. Other untold features will supposedly also give the Surface Pro 4 a leg up against the rumored iPad Pro.

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